JOE SHMOE @ Rockwell


This June, the Festival of New American Musicals will feature songs from my show Joe Shmoe Saves the World at Rockwell, during it’s bi-monthly showcase of new American musicals in the works Musi-CAL.

Joe Shmoe Saves the World tells the story of two young women worlds apart – one an American indie rocker, the other an Iranian street artist – who attempt to change the world through their art, and end up changing each other instead. During the concert, I will share 5 songs, 3 of which will be world premieres.

I’m very proud of this show and this music, and I’m looking forward to playing it for you all. The concert is Monday June 8th at 8pm at Rockwell Table & Stage in Los Feliz. Tickets just went online – click here to get ’em fast.

The Badge is Back

Murder for Two Hero ShotThe original off-broadway cast – aka Jeff Blumenkrantz (30 Rock, The Good Wife) and I – are headed to the Geffen Playhouse with Murder for Two!

I couldn’t be more grateful to share this show with all my West Coast friends. The New York times called it “Ingenius! A snazzy double act,” and Variety declared, “Left-coast thesp Brett Ryback turns in a worthy Gotham debut.”

There has never been a show like this in Los Angeles, and tickets are already going fast. Grab your seats to see us sing, sweat, and pound the keys this summer, currently from May 26 – July 5th.

Modern Family

Catch me this Wednesday, December 10th, at 9/8c on ABC for an appearance on Modern Family.

It’s Haley’s 21st birthday, and the family takes her out to a bar to celebrate. While there, Mitch and Cam encounter a younger gay couple – me and my friend Sterling Sulieman – who make them feel a lot less cool. (Mostly it’s Sterling who makes them feel less cool. If it was just me, they’d definitely feel more cool.)

Here’s Sterling and I making faces on set:


Finishing the Draft!

It’s a difficult thing to balance two “careers” at once. For me, acting has always taken precedence because it’s my “bread-and-butter,” which I say while making a very ironic face.

But I love writing with the same passion as I love acting, so I can’t just do one and not the other. It just means I’ve had to accept that sometimes the writing is just gonna take longer. A looooot longer.
But this week I was able to finish the first draft of my musical Joe Shmoe Saves the World. Which thrills me to itty bitty little pieces.
Granted – it’s incomplete. That’s right. It’s an incomplete first draft. But it’s cohesive! And now that the first draft is written it means that the rewriting can begin. And so the cycle never ends.
Here’s a paragraph I’m particularly proud of. This comes from my own personal inspiration for writing this piece:
Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 4.15.03 PM

Burying Daruma

This is my Daruma Doll.


He was given to me by my friends Tony and Rob who often bring them back from their frequent trips to Japan.

A Daruma doll is a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll. He is modeled after Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk and creator of Zen Buddhism. The dolls are used to help grant wishes or achieve goals.

Here’s how he works. When the doll arrives, he is eye-less. You first decide on a goal or a wish, and then color in the left eye. Then you place him in a visible place so while he works on your goal, you remember to do the same.

Here’s this guy still at work on his goal.


Once the goal is achieved, you fill in the other eye as a means of giving thanks.

IMG_3492And then, according to my friends, the doll is burned or buried as an offering. My Daruma dolls final resting place will be under this tree in my garden.

I received this doll for Christmas last year and set my goal, which I achieved this past month, so this morning I buried him.

Well done, pal!
Sleep well!IMG_3491