WAYW: Loglines

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A logline is a one to three sentence summary of the main elements of your story told in an emotionally engaging way. Think of it as your ultimate elevator pitch. The term logline is mostly used in the Film/TV industry, but I find it useful for any type of dramatic, narrative storytelling.

Loglines are incredibly useful when you’re trying to market a show, pitch an idea, or apply for grants and awards. The better you can succinctly communicate your story, the easier it is for people to jump on board.

But Loglines can also be useful for you, the writer, to help shape and heighten the arc of your characters and story. Let’s dive in. Continue reading WAYW: Loglines

Nailing Your “No Sides” Commercial Audition

Before I get to the tips, I want to share some good news.

I’m very excited to announce that I have joined Arlene Thornton’s On-Camera Commercial Department.

BRETT_RYBACK_Same Great Smilel 2

My agent there, Janet Tscha, is a winner and multiple-time nominee of the Seymour Heller Award for Commercial Agent of the Year. (Heller, yeah!)

I’ll be sure to let you guys know when you can catch my ugly mug selling products on TV’s everywhere.

Now onto nailing your “no sides” commercial audition.
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Mind-Hacking the Audition Process


The relationship between actors and the casting process can sometimes be antagonistic, and that’s super unfortunate. If you find yourself ripping your hair off over the audition/casting process, and feeling resentful toward casting directors who “always bring you in, but never cast you,” consider these 3 mind-hacks: Continue reading Mind-Hacking the Audition Process

Who Watches TV for the Music?

I don’t know about you – but my two new favorite pilots are Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project.  (FOX ftw!)

Aside from Mindy Kaling who is just plain awesome, her show in particular also features some great music from the teasers to the pilot itself.  Jessie J’s “Domino” anybody?

According to this great breakdown of the music on the show, music supervisor Kevin Edelman confirms that Mindy was the final word on all the music in the show – a lot of which was her idea to begin with.  I’m particularly in love with the opening bars of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” which they use throughout the pilot.

But even more exciting is Jesse Novak – brother to producer B.J. Novak (The Office) and the composer for the show.  It’s his first time composing for a TV show and based on his commercial work, I think it means exciting things, especially in a world where most TV music is (frankly) kinda stinky.

(Jesse is apparently huge in Turkey?)

WTF are you watching this fall?


Sorkinese Spoken Here

I would never refer to myself as a Hardcore Sorkin Fan, but it’s hard not to admire the guy for his style and prolificness.  I never fully caught The West Wing train, but I do (mostly) love what I’ve seen of The Newsroom.

But his ability, and courage really, to deal with difficult, complicated political issues while maintaining an emotionally dramatic arc and appealing to a fairly wide demographic is truly commendable.

Especially when this is what his writing can achieve:

Now that’s what I call the power of art!