Books I Read in 2017

The best year of reading that I ever did was when I lived in NYC. All those trips on the subway were perfect reading opportunities. Living in LA and being stuck driving makes reading – actual reading, not audiobooks – very difficult.

So as part of a 2017 resolution to read more, I decide to track all the books I read and make this list. There’s not a lot of fiction on here, which I resolve to change in 2018, but if you’re into self-development and musical theatre – boy is this a list for you!

I love recommending books to friends, so while this isn’t exactly a BEST OF list, I did put stars next to my favorites from the year. Check them out below. Continue reading Books I Read in 2017

Yay Sound Cloud!

So in case anyone’s keeping tabs – I’ve just added a sound cloud widget to my audio page. Currently it’s just displaying music from my latest musical THE TAVERN KEEPER’S DAUGHTER, but I’ll definitely keep adding more stuff as time goes on.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sound Cloud (as I was until a couple of weeks ago) it’s pretty kick-ass, and I highly recommend it, even to the casual music-sharer. It also happens to jive quite nicely with wordpress, so I’m happy about that.