Developmental Production of Darling, A New Musical, to be produced at Emerson College

BOSTON, MA – Retrop Productions and Emerson College’s RareWorks Theatre Company, in association with Kurt Deutsch, President and Founder of Sh-K Boom Records, are pleased to announce their collaboration with Ryan Scott Oliver and BT Ryback on the new musical Darling. A private workshop of this new piece will be presented at Emerson College in December, with a developmental production occurring in early Spring of 2012.

Jacob Porter, President of Retrop Productions, remarked on the collaborative opportunity: “Having [Ryan Scott Oliver] and [B.T. Ryback] present for the developmental process will be a beneficial learning experience for the entire Emerson student community and will provide the authors with information that will aid the creation of this daring and bold new work.” Nick Medvescek, Producing Director for RareWorks Theatre Company, adds “this production allows us to link our student community to industry leaders and rising talent.”

Darling, A New Musical will be directed by Michael Bello, a senior BFA Musical Theatre Major at Emerson College. Bello has previously worked as an assistant director at Theatreworks in Palo Alto, CA and for Mary Zimmerman at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston. Bello believes that “bringing a new musical, like Darling, to Emerson will provide every student involved with a unique and educational challenge to work on a piece unlike any other student organization musical.”

Darling is presented in association with Kurt Deutsch, President and Founder Sh-K-Boom Records, a Grammy Award winning label that bridges the gap between rock and theater music. Deutsch is looking forward to this exciting collaboration at Emerson, and stated that “there is nothing like being part of the creation of a new musical and working with two of the most exciting young musical theatre writers. I think that Darling represents where the future of musical theatre is going deeply rooted in traditional storytelling through music but by someone whose influences range from Sondheim to the popular music of today.”

Ryan Scott Oliver, composer and lyricist for Darling, speaks on behalf of the creative collaboration with book-writer BT Ryback: “We’re really looking forward to our work with the Emerson team this year. To be able to not only read thru the material but then have the opportunity to revise it and have it up on its feet in production is an exceptional opportunity. The university setting is a blessing to workshop a show like Darling, and Brett [BT Ryback] and I are anxious to see our show take her next step forward.”

This exciting collaboration highlights the importance of developing new musical theater within an educational environment; providing both student and professional theatre artists with the opportunity to work, learn, and grow in a creative and stimulating climate.

More about Darling
Darling, with music and lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver, and book by B.T. Ryback, follows upper crust teenager Ursula Morgan in 1929 Boston as its society boils in the weeks before the Crash. Neglected by her excessive, self-absorbed parents, Ursula encounters Peter, a charming rent-boy of uncertain age, on the run from the Captain of Police who pursues him for a heinous crime he may or may not have committed. When she is offered the
opportunity to run away with him, she takes it and finds herself swept into a seedy underground of jazz, sex and a mysterious white powder called Fairy Dust.

DARLING at Emerson

This December, DARLING will be going home to Boston.

From A private workshop of the new musical Darling by Ryan Scott Oliver and Brett (B.T.) Ryback will be presented at Emerson College in Boston in December as a collaboration of Retrop Productions and Emerson College’s RareWorks Theatre Company. Students will test the material in the reading meant for the writers and undergrad creative team.

Crazytown Presents!

To all New Yorkers out there: here’s an event that I promise you won’t want to miss.

Joe’s Pub will be home to Crazytown Presents, November 14th at 9:30 pm, an evening of musical theatre, monologues, stand-up comedy, performance art and more from the writers of Crazytown Blog, an “artist’s asylum,” interpreted and performed by some of the funniest actors from the worlds of Broadway and Improv.

Among those set to appear at the one-night only event are:

Alex Brightman (Wicked), Jason Michael Snow ( The Book of Mormon),  Lauren Conlin Adams (Upright Citizens Brigade), Andrew Kober  (Hair), Oscar Montoya (The Pit), Carly Sakolove (Girls Night) and Sam Tedaldi (Spidermusical).

Crazytown is a blog that I regularly write for (look for me every tuesday!) and on November 14th at 9:30pm the blog is going live at Joe’s Pub in NYC.  So come support!!

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