Yay Sound Cloud!

So in case anyone’s keeping tabs – I’ve just added a sound cloud widget to my audio page. Currently it’s just displaying music from my latest musical THE TAVERN KEEPER’S DAUGHTER, but I’ll definitely keep adding more stuff as time goes on.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sound Cloud (as I was until a couple of weeks ago) it’s pretty kick-ass, and I highly recommend it, even to the casual music-sharer. It also happens to jive quite nicely with wordpress, so I’m happy about that.

More to Come!

Welcome to my new website!

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit shy in the picture. 

The reason is: I’m just beginning to get things underway.  So, yeah that audio link might seem a little f*cked up for a while, and there may not be a whole lot of info for the next few weeks (months? gulp…) 

BUT! I’m hoping you’ll be patient, stick with me, and keep checking back for more updates, including audio tracks from my latest work, video clips, news postings, and who knows what else!