The Drugstoppers – a new DARE-ody

DAREleadRemember the DARE program from the 90’s? Remember how it stopped y’all from drinking and smoking pot?

Probably not.

The DARE program was part of a wildly ineffective craze in the 80’s and 90’s to get kids to “just say no” to drugs, which included over-the-top PSA’s including this turkey from 1993:

Well, now there is a brand new stage parody celebrating the nostalgic anti-drug hysteria of our childhood, and you can help us produce it in New York City!

Introducing The Drugstoppers – a new DARE-ody.


The Drugstoppers is a new comedy, written by Gili Malinsky, wherein the audience plays the role of classroom, and the play itself is an over-the-top anti-drug program (complete with our own hilarious PSA’s.)

What began as a coffee date in Manhattan eventually led to me jumping on board as a producer of the show.

Gili, the playwright, is a pretty unique gal, and her curious and fearless spirit really captivated me. She was born in Tel Aviv, studied journalism at B.U., and then returned to Israel, where she enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces and served as editor for the military’s international news website. Upon being released in 2011, she moved to New York and has since been published in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, The Village Voice, and many others.

She’s an easy talker and is not afraid to reach out to anyone – no matter their perceived status – and offer to buy them a cup of coffee and pick their brain. See here her interview with Barney Frank.

But her passion project has been The Drugstoppers.

Having never produced someone else’s show before, it’s new and exciting territory for me. I offered my input on the development of the script, I helped them meet with professional mentors and directors, and I’ve done whatever I could to add value to this young, ambitious team of creators.

But producing work in New York is difficult and expensive – and that’s where you can help!

We are now underway with a Kickstarter Campaign to raise a very reasonable budget to mount their play this coming November.

And here’s the thing – all you have to do is buy a ticket in advance!


Want to relive and laugh at the good times of your childhood? Want to support a young group of artists making work happen in NYC? Want to get high and see a funny show? Get an early ticket to The Drugstoppers and be the first in line!

Even if you aren’t interested in donating anything, give their video a watch and see what hooked me into producing something from 3000 miles away.

And Just Say Yes! (To Stopping Drugs).

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