Rodgers And Me

Richard RodgersThis April I am stepping into the skin of one of the founding fathers of the musical theatre genre – my genre.  The Colony Theatre in Burbank presents the world premiere of Falling For Make Believe, about Lorenz Hart.  I will play Richard Rodgers.

As iconic as the man’s music is, the man himself almost disappears behind his work – and it certainly was his intention to do so.  He and his estate did (until very recently) their very best to fiercely protect the “Rodgers and…” legacy.

Exactly what he may have been protecting it from is the subject of the play, which opens up a fascinating window to the relationship between two partners who created magic, loved each other dearly, but ultimately couldn’t help the other in the ways they needed.

Come see Falling for Make Believe, by Emmy-Winner Mark Saltzman, directed by Jim Fall (Trick), at the Colony Theatre in BurbankApril 27 – May19th.  For more information and tickets, call (818) 558-7000 ext. 15 or visit

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