Not Such a Crock

I love cooking, and I love eating.  Thankfully the two go together well.

But when I cook, it’s difficult for me to do it small. I’m not a “heat it up in the micro” kinda guy.  I chop, I prep, I marinade. I like fresh, I like whole, I like unprocessed.

In a time crunch – or while I’m in 6+ hours of rehearsal each day, such as now – when I get home, I don’t have the energy to do what I usually do.

Enter the slow cooker.
There was a time that slow cooking was for moms, aunts, grandmas – anyone who might embroider or stitch a sampler. But now – even HIPSTERS use crockpots!

There’s really nothing to not love. You chop your ingredients, you dump them in the pot, set the timer, and you’re set. And my biggest misconception was that slowcooking meant just soups and stews – which is a huge turn-off.  However, this is not so! Last week I did ribs, I did carrots, I did beets.  All of which was amazing.

I found a great recipe blog for crockpots here.  I’ve done about 5 recipes and I’d give her 4 out of 5 stars.

This week’s recipe – sweet potato chili!

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